Ariel Borremans

Based in Montreal, Ariel has local, national and international clients.
He has lived and worked in Chicago, Paris, New York, Hamburg and Los Angeles.
He moved back home a few years ago, but still travels for busines and pleasure.

A complete resume is available.

Here is a list of his clients.

MIKI Corporation, Osaka, Japon
Cirque Akya, Montréal
Warnaco Canada, Toronto.
Aluminium Press (PRAL), Chicoutimi
Céline Dion
Bar of Montreal
Canadian Bar of Canada
Innu-Science Canada
Leo Burnett Advertising Agency, Montreal, Toronto, Chicago
Reitmans Canada
Carrefour Angrignon
La Senza
Mediavation, Montreal
Coral Egan
Ulalena, Hawai
Molson Rock Fest
MEN IN BLACK (Tristar Columbia Moving Pictures), NYC
Reflections Canada
Concordia University
Film Tonic
Teldec Classics International GmbH, Hamburg
Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Hamburg
Hugo Boss
John Players Special
LIEBE, Bremen

W fashion magazine (Fairchild Publishing, NYC)
Delphica!, Paris, France
CBS Records
Red Army Choir
Elite Chicago
Virginia Slims
General Motors
Bigsby & Kruthers, Chicago
Hartmarx Corp.
Jupiter Corp.

City of Chicago
Herman Miller
CCA (Container Corporation of America)
Eurographics, Chicago
The Film Center at the Chicago Art Institute
Warner Elektra du Canada
CROC Magazine
Quebec Department of Cultural Affairs